First Congregational Church

a United Church of Christ congregation

What to expect during worship

Being in a new place is hectic enough let alone trying to figure out the "stuff" everybody else just knows. FYI: We strive to be informal in our gathering but serious in our worship.


Letterman has a top Ten list. But we decided to divide that by two and just have a top five.


        Top five reasons people avoid church and what we say to them.


1. I don't own any stuffy clothes or one hour heels.

Here we have no dress code, although clothes are recomended. If you are worded about red carpet looks you won't even find a single red carpet here. To be biblical the first disciples wore sandals to worship and if they could do that then "comfy clothes" must be ok.


2. I will need to bring the kids.

If you have kids we would love to meet them. If you need help convincing them just say we have a spacial time just for them. P.S. You will not be lying.


3. You church people think you have it all figured out.

We feel that all of us are a work in progress. To improve ourselves we gather together to share in worship and fellowship. We do this because we feel if we are not growing then we are not living.


4. You just want my money.

To be fair who doesn't. However, at First Congregational we give money as a responce to all that God has done, is doing and will continue to do in our lives.


5.One word: Boring.

As your parents probably said; "just try it out." We hope that you will find our worship and fellowship a pleasent suprise.




After all that seriousness how about a fun top five list.


5 reasons to come to church


1. It is a time when you can walk down the asile without gaining an in-law.


2. In this economy it is good to have a friend who can turn water into wine.


3. It's a place where you can channel you inner American Idol and nobody comments.


4. Upon leaving you may notice adverse positive effects on your life.


5. All of those hand shakes and greetings have to be good for the social life.